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Breast Cancer Risk Factors 

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•                     Mother or sister with breast cancer before age forty, especially if in both breasts

•                     Repeated exposure to radiation

•                     Exposure to DES and artificial hormones

•                     Previous personal history of breast cancer

•                     Alcohol intake greater than 4 servings/week

•                     Cigarette smoking and breathing second hand smoke  


•                     Postponing childbirth until after age 30 or no childbirth

•                     Periods starting before age 12 or ending after age 50

•                     Not breastfeeding

•                     Poor dietary habits-high fat & sugar, low fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber

•                     Sedentary life style

•                     Obesity

•                     High chronic stress

•                     Persistent exposure to environmental hazards

•                     Risk increases with age-especially if over 50


While the above factors increase one’s lifetime risk of acquiring breast cancer, many women diagnosed with the disease never had any of these risks.

Also, many women believed to be at risk for one or more of these reasons never develop the disease.


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