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Heart Disease Risk Factors 

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 Heart Disease Risk Factors


The more of the following risk factors a person has, the more likely she is to develop atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arterial passageways) and subsequent heart disease, circulatory problems or stroke. The first four (in that order) are the best-established risk factors at present. 

•                     * Over age fifty (heart attack is uncommon in women under the age of fifty.)

•                     * High blood pressure (hypertension)

•                     * Smoking

•                     * Elevated blood cholesterol

•                     * Diabetes

•                     * Birth control pills (particularly if the woman also smokes)

•                     * Family history of coronary artery disease and a husband with a history of heart attack

•                     * Hysterectomy before age forty-five

•                     * Certain personality factors (habitual impatience, hostility, high competitive drive) and                      stress

Heart disease is the most frequent cause of death in women over 50. Although more men suffer from heart attacks, a greater percentage of women die from them.

Stroke remains the third most common cause of death in the United States. Women have twice as many strokes as men and black women have 43 percent higher death rate from stroke than white women. Stroke is directly related to high blood pressure, which becomes much more common after menopause and is more chronic in women.

Heart attack happens when sufficient blood supply is unable to reach  the heart. This causes death to part of the muscle from lack of oxygen and other nutrients. Blockage of the arteries leading to the heart (coronary) is responsible for the insufficient supply.

Thermography of the head and neck is able to detect evidence of narrowed or obstructed arteries which may lead to heart attack and stroke.


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