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Supporting Documents

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Scientific Data

"For every 1000 women screened, one breast-cancer death is avoided whereas the total number of deaths is increased by six"

Peter C. Gtzsche, Ole Olsen, Is Screening for Breast Cancer with Mammography Justifiable? Summary from Lancet 2000; 355:129-34

Robert Anderson, PhD., The Deception of Detection



"An overview; explore the latest findings on various breast cancer detection methods, including breast thermography"

Len Saputo, MD, Beyond Mammography, The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, June 2004


"The paper represents a definitive study of the oncogenicity of mammography X rays compared to high-energy X-ray and high-energy electron sources. The result suggests a need to re-evaluate the risks associated with mammography breast screening".

G.J. Heyes and A.J. Mill The Neoplastic Transformation Potential on Mammography X Rays and Atomic Bomb Spectrum Radiation, Radiation Research 162 December 2004


"The potential radiation hazards associated with routine screening mammography, in terms of breast cancer induction, are discussed in the context of the potential benefits"

D.J. Brenner, S.G. Sawant, M.P. Hande, R.C. Miller, C.D. Elliston, Z. Fu, G Randers-Pehrson and S.A. Marino, Routine screening mammography: how important is the radiation-risk side of the benefit-risk equation?, Int. J. Radiat. Biol. 78, 1065-1067 (2002)


"Infrared imaging offers a safe, noninvasive procedure that would be valuable as an adjunct to mammography in determining whether a lesion is benign or malignant".

Y.R. Parisky, A. Sardi, R. Hamm, K. Hughes, L. Esserman, S. Rust, K.Callahan, Efficacy of Computerized Infrared Imaging Analysis to Evaluate Mammographically Suspicious Lesions. AJR:180, January 2003

New Findings On Breast Cancer Reported At AAAS, by Lynn Yarris, February 15, 2002


        The Depths of Deceit Mammography, Provided by Dr. Chris Gupta

Evidence For a Lack of DNA Double-Strand Break Repair In Human Cells Exposed To Very Low X-ray Doses, by Kai Rothkamm & Markus Lobrich

Danger and Unreliability of Mammography, Breast Examination is a Safe, Effective, and Practical Alternative by Samuel S. Epstein , Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D., GNSH and Barbara Seaman

  Effectiveness of a noninvasive digital infrared thermal imaging system in the detection of breast cancer


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