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Welcome to the new dimension in women's health. Until recently it has been assumed that it is just a matter of time until we eventually fall prey to female problems . The best we could hope for was to postpone female related diseases or catch them early enough so that drastic intervention could save our lives. Slogans such as "Your best protection is early detection" served to reinforce that notion and so we resigned ourselves to inevitability. We half heard our doctor's advice about diet, exercise, the importance of self breast exams, screening tests, and check-ups, but their significance never really made much impact because the concept of prevention was never suggested.  Early diagnosis, after the fact treatment, or cure, and maybe someday a vaccine, have been all that were offered.  A five year after diagnosis survival goal is still used as a benchmark of success.

The key to health maintenance is prevention of disease, not close the barn door after the cow got out, treatment. Surgical mutilation, and systemic poisoning to get to a 5 year survival is not an acceptable goal.

Women have to take charge of their own health maintenance. We cannot allow the government, insurance companies, medical societies, who all have a political and financial agenda, dictate the quality of our lives.

It is to this purpose that this website was created. The articles and messages included here are presented to stimulate a proactive approach to maintaining health, and prevention of the most dangerous threats to the quality of women's lives.

Breast cancer, heart disease, and stroke can be prevented. Thermography, a recently revived diagnostic tool can detect the functional cell changes which warn us well in advance of any other screening device that if we don't  make some changes, we are on the road to life threatening disease.

Please view the material, arm yourselves with information, and make your own decisions. Please know that there are many alternative and complementary healthcare practitioners not bound by self-interest companies, societies, and industries who have traditionally dedicated their practice to prevention. 

The Road To Thermography


Sandra D. Fields has a 35 year background in providing services for women. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Hampton  University, she attained licensure in the state of New York as a Registered Nurse.  Two years of practice in maternity nursing at Mount Sinai Hospital led to graduate studies at Columbia University and a Master of Science degree in Nurse-Midwifery. Staff Nurse-Midwife positions at Morrisania City Hospital, Lyndon B. Johnson  Health  Complex,  MIC-FP  Projects,  MCA's Childbearing Center prepared her to venture out into private practice, specializing in home birth, well-woman gynecology, and adding certification as a Nurse-Practitioner in Women's Health to her credits. The quest to find a safe and more reliable alternative to mammography led her to the study of thermography and add the title of  Certified Clinical Thermographer. 


This website was developed to provide women and their families with an understanding of the important role of thermography in the prevention of  breast cancer, as well as the earliest detection method available. You will find information that has been raging in the medical journals, but to date is  not being given to the general public. It is the hope that this knowledge will lead to a proactive approach to breast health. It’s name, New Dimension, is in tribute to the concept of PREVENTION as it applies to this dreaded disease. You may download any of the articles and bring them with you to your care providers to increase their awareness. Please visit this site frequently as it will be updated regularly.


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